Todd Livingood

Todd Livingood


Todd’s industry experience started while he was in high school. He then went and graduated from an electrical trades specialty school. While attending this school he worked as an electrician’s apprentice performing residential, commercial, and industrial wiring installations and troubleshooting.

During his military service he gained expertise in HVAC and refrigeration systems. He later added plumbing trades to his experience; as HVAC was typically combined with plumbing within the companies that he worked for.

During his time abroad in Japan, he gained key insight into the manufacturing world with regard to quality control, inspection, and auditing of high tech electronics in the computer and aircraft industries. He later brought this experience back to the U.S. where he became the Quality Manager of a roof tile manufacturer.

In early 1999, Todd decided to become a home inspector. He attended the country’s highest rated inspection school, Inspection Training Associates in Oceanside, CA, and became certified as a home inspector.

He also has first-hand construction experience by remodeling his own home and then helping others with their home remodels. He did everything from framing, insulation and drywall to wiring, plumbing and HVAC. Todd has completed several full kitchen and bathroom remodels over the years, including hardwood and tile floor installations. He has also built fences and decks and installed sump pump systems and exterior sub surface drain systems.